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Meet the Principal

Headshot of West View Principal Jake Sayre

Dear West View Families and Community Members,

Hello, my name is Jake Sayre, and I am the principal of West View Elementary School. I am currently in my fourth year of service as the principal of West View. However, I have spent my entire sixteen year career working for Rockford Public Schools. Prior to becoming a principal, I taught at both Wilson and West Middle Schools, and served as an assistant principal at RESA Middle School.

As the principal of West View Elementary School, our professional learning community continues to work hard to establish a safe and positive environment that engages all students in meaningful learning experiences and develops their capacity to be critical thinkers. We believe it is our responsibility as a school to establish a foundation for learning, and support the growth of each individual, to help lead all of our students on a successful path towards college and/or career readiness.

On a personal level, I attribute my eventual success as a student to one of my high school teachers. This particular teacher provided ongoing support and guidance, which helped me acquire the necessary skills as a student to become a lifelong learner. Most importantly, the teacher helped instill in me a sense that anything worthwhile takes effort. As a principal, and a father of three children in school, I have never forgotten the meaningful lessons I gained because of the guidance of others. As an educator, it is my goal to provide our students with meaningful guidance that will help lead them towards lifelong success.


Jacob Sayre  |